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Welcome to The Sandy Johnson Foundation web site.

Sandy Johnson FoundationThe primary purpose of this web location is to save lives by providing motorists with the locations of dangerous intersections and other hazardous highway locations across the country. In addition, in order to make this program functional, a mapping system is being integrated into our web site which will allow motorist the opportunity to obtain directional routing for road trips. Through the combination of these two systems, motorists will be able to route a road trip while being alerted to dangerous highway locations along their way.

In order to accomplish this task we have asked the Governors of each state, and the Directors of the Department of Transportation of each state, to provide us with a list of high accident site locations within their respective jurisdictions. Within this web site, you will learn who cooperated with us, and who is willing to sacrifice human life in order to keep that information away from the public.

From those states willing to cooperate with us, a broad range of data was provided. Since there is no standard format used from one state to the next in compiling and recording this data, the efforts which were needed in order to provide this information to you are varied. In some instances, moderate effort was needed, while in others, literally tens of thousands of pieces of information had to be sifted through in order to put the data into usable form.

We encourage you to check The Sandy Johnson Foundation web site often as we work to expand our database and as more states cooperate with our efforts to save lives. Eventually, we plan to have all high accident site locations pinpointed and updated annually, so that whenever a road-trip is planned you can access this internet location to obtain the most current routing and high accident site location information available.

We wish you “Safe traveling.”

Dean Johnson

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