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Over the years, The Sandy Johnson Foundation has attempted to make our roadways safer by identifying dangerous highway locations and posting those to our site. This was done in an attempt to education motorists as to the location of sites known to be dangerous so that caution could be used when passing through them.

In sifting through responses and a broad array of data provided by the 50 state departments of transportation (DOTs) from which we attempted to gather information, we discovered that many states will not allow access by the public to the information we were requesting. As an example of the roadblocks we ran into, the follow is an excerpt from a series of emails initiated between state DOTs in response to a request from a newspaper reporter for a listing of high accident locations within a specific state:

Subject:  HEADS UP –> _______ reporter seeking hazardous location info

Folks, FYI from Jennifer _____ at _______: ____________, a reporter for _______ in __________, __, has been contacting some states individually attempting to get them to reveal their “10 most hazardous locations.” Here’s how _________ handled it. Thanks.

Subject: RE: HEADS UP — _______ reporter seeking hazardous location info

This is an ongoing battle for us with the ____________ media. We don’t rank locations in a way that produces a Top Ten Dangerous Location List. And we don’t release the data that would allow the media to create its own Top Ten List.

Rich __________

The reluctance of some transportation department officials to reveal the locations of sites where a disproportionately high number of crashes occur is but a small part of a much greater problem; one that is too convoluted to address in the short synopsis being presented here. But if one were to identify a motive for such action, it could be summarized in one word: litigation.

Is this a controversial topic? You bet it is! One that is so provocative that we have essentially been forced to abandon our original objective of providing a detailed listing of dangerous highway locations for another worthwhile cause – that of teaching teenage drivers about the hidden dangers associated with the act of driving.

In the “not-too-distant” future, access will be provided to an online supplemental drivers’ education program. Our plan is to have this program available to teens by the beginning of the school year 2016.

Visit here over the next few months for access to this important program.

The Hidden Dangers of Driving

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