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The Sandy Johnson Foundation: Making Our Roads Safer

The Sandy Johnson Foundation: Making Our Roads Safer is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit corporation, created to improve highway safety through the education of all highway users on the life-threatening consequences of Driver Conditioning. Following the tragic death of Sandy Johnson, the foundation was created with the purpose of exposing driver conditioning as the underlying cause of nearly all vehicular crashes and reducing injuries and fatalities on American roadways.


Through engaging online educational programming for youth and informative publications for highway officials, The Sandy Johnson Foundation is contributing toward reaching zero traffic crashes.

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Sandy Johnson

February 27,1956 - October 5, 2002

If beauty, and love, and life… happiness, and joy, and laughter… comfort, and heaven, and peacefulness… yesterday, and now, and always… long walks on the beach, and holding hands, and snuggling…kissing, and touching, and embracing… loneliness, and sorrow, and missing you… Mom, and Bride, and Lover… Best Friend, and Companion, and Soul Mate… could be put together into one word…it would spell “Sandy”.

Thanks for your faith in God, your love, your companionship. We miss you…but we will be together again.

– Dean, Brandon, and Preston

Died instantly in the intersection of State Route 310 and Morse Road, Licking County, Ohio

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